How Can a Teen Girl Impress A Guy?

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How can a teen girl impress aged men is a question a lot of girls wonder about. When we were growing up our moms and grandmothers would always tell us how to attract men and how to make them interested in us. I still think of those times as if they were yesterday. Today with all the dating sites and advice columns, how can a teen girl really impress an older man?


The internet has opened doors that have never been available before. Just a few years ago when I was younger there weren’t nearly as many dating websites and advice columns and now with the introduction of the web to cable television, radio and even video games, people are finding each other everywhere. There are dating sites for all types of interests including sports, the younger one can get involved in something they may not have even known existed five or ten years ago. And of course, the older guy has the world at his fingertips.


It is important to remember that no matter what some women might tell you, not all guys are looking for a committed relationship. Many just want a good time, a good friend, maybe a little attention from time to time. If a guy is single, he is single for a reason and that reason could be a difference of only a few years. But if he is interested in a girl who is the same age as him then he will have an age difference as well. If you are thinking, how can a teen girl impress a man, then realize that age difference will help. Some men can be fooled if the woman doesn’t fit their usual image of the perfect date.


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